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Friday, March 26, 2021

Letter To President Mohammadu Buhari On Insecurity And The Continuous Abduction After Leah Sharibu

This Is My Letter To The President On Insecurity And Most Especially Leah Sharibu

Dear Buhari,

The case of Leah Sharibu has given your government so much bad reputation already, more than any other government had, the fact the Boko Haram terrorists are still in existence alone is a shame to your government. Forgive me if I sound blunt, that is the truth and it must be said.

I remember vividly the promise you made during your campaign in the year 2014 and even later on in the year 2015, you said that the first thing you would terminate in Nigeria would be the Boko Haram terrorists followed by the many corruptible practices in the country.

Permit me to say sir, that you have failed woefully and I think I speak for many Nigerians if I can generalize it and say that you have failed so many of the citizens that trusted your promise, your integrity and personality and hand over our mandate to you.

Leah Sharibu is just an innocent child who has been used by the same terrorist you claim to have terminated severally by your defense ministers and generals. More than once they have claimed to destroy the hideout of the same terrorist we battle and still get updates from, even up until this moment.

The latest news about Leah Sharibu giving birth to a second child to one of the top commanders of the Boko Haram terrorists breaks my heart the more and prompted me to write to you. To be since, I was never in support of your emergence as the president, but then I thought I should give you a chance, but you have completely failed sir.

Instead of ending the little insecurity that you met, your government slept over it and allowed it to escalate to this dangerous point it has gotten to. After her first delivery, I thought your government would care to launch a search party or something of such, but nothing happened, it was a total silence.

Now that she has given birth to a second child, and forcefully; I presume, the same way the information and news came to the general public, it could also be traced back to where these terrorists are hiding, keeping this innocent girl and turning her to a baby factory, I mean who does that? Two different deliveries in 3 years?

More than anything, I want to keep believing in your government and giving you another chance but with what is happening, I cannot help but be on the negative when it comes to dealing with you and your administration.

What we are seeing is never what you promised, the Leah Sharibu case is making it worse. This little girl has been with the terrorists for three years now and nothing tangible is being done to rescue her.

All of the news and intelligence about the Boko Haram concerning her had been from international bodies, the Nigerian system have nothing to talk about her and it is disheartening. Please start now and do something for once, make us want to believe in you again.

You are the head; you can give the military an order to locate and rescue the child. This should not be difficult as you have been doing things undemocratically for the past six years of your stay in office. Make us have faith in you again, I know I may have sounded rude, but trust me, you would say worse if you were in my position (come to think of it, you actually did say worse when it was Goodluck Jonathan on that seat), so do not feel bad just yet.

Just do something about Leah Sharibu, she cannot continue to give birth to children for terrorists, she has been turned into a baby making machine already having given birth to two children in three years says it all. Please Mohammadu Buhari, do something now.

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