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Friday, March 26, 2021

How To Successfully Complete Application For BBNaija Show In 2021

How To Successfully Complete Application For BBNaija Show In 2021

There are many articles online about auditioning for the 2021 Big Brother Naija reality Tv and I doubt if any of these articles tells you the truth about what is really happening.

In my experience, there are thousands of people applying for the show already and among these thousands, there are 99 percent who will not be chosen because of the way of auditioning.

The auditioning is not transparent, nobody knows what they want, nobody knows how they choose, all they tell you is what I will be listing shortly really quick, but before then, I would advice you not to get your hopes high.

I am trying to be blunt here, no gimmicks, no hiding. The organizers of the show may have chosen their contestants already and are just announcing the it for others to try and see.

There may have chosen about ten to fifteen and just want to supplement it up to twenty, and having thousands of people apply is a crazy chance for anyone to be picked. I think after this show, fans should protest for the audition to be done openly for all to see.

With that secret been revealed, here is the way you may get into the house if you want to, no registration as many people have been writing, just these simple steps.

Here is how to audition early for BBNaija season 6 2021

The organizers announced that, if you want to audition early to have a chance to be part of the show, these ae the three things you should do;

· You must be subscribed to one of these packages on your DSTv decoder, Dstv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Comfam, Yanga or Gotv Max or Joli and pay for your subscription between 24 to 31 March. This means if you want to be part of the show, you must be a valid owner, user and subscriber to DSTv.

· Second thing you will be doing is sending an email to on the email must contain your smartcard or IUC number to receive your unique website link to complete your registration. Now you have to be fully subscribed to one of the channels before you can actually get a registration link, do not let anyone deceive you that they have the link.

· The last and number thing you will be doing is, make a nice video of yourself telling or convincing biggie why you think you deserve to be in the show. This is where your smartness comes in, you have to be smart and proof that you are smart in that video.

I almost forgot the fact that you must be at least 21 years or older on or by June, 2021 and have a valid document indicating you are a Nigerian.

Thats it guys, do not be deceived, the process is easy but you have to be smart.

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