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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Nnamdi Kanu EXPOSES Sheikh Gumi In New Tweet With Photo Evidence

Boko Haram Is A Blessing To Nigeria - Sheikh Gumi

Nnamdi Kanu has once again proven that Sheikh Gumi has been a huge fan of the Bokoharam insurgency, he had never hidden it though, but have not been totally open about it either.

His statements concerning terrorists and bandits would make one easily believe that he is in support of whatever they are doing in the country and especially in the north.

Few minutes ago, Nnamdi Kanu mad a big exposure by finding and posting an old published newspaper where the Muslim cleric, Sheikh Gumi was appreciating the emergence of Boko Haram terrorists.

In the news paper, he stated that the Boko Haram terrorists are blessings to the northern Muslims, a statement that makes it obvious that he is a huge fan of both terrorism and insurgence.

Nnamdi Kanu in his own way also insulted Nigerians in the process of revealing the newspaper and what it read, here is what he said about Nigerians who are still in support of the togetherness of the country rather than the splitting he had been agitating for for years now.

He said;

"There’s something sickening about #Nigeria and those that defend her. Makes you wonder if all is well with their brain cells. 

Sheikh Gumi, the BANDIT envoy for @NGRPresident & Obasanjo’s buddy once said “Boko Haram is a blessing to Nigerian Muslims” in Hausa language below."

Here is the old newspaper article he shared where Sheikh said Boko Haram is a blessing to Nigerian Muslims;

Here is the screenshot of Nnamdi Kanu statement insulting Nigerians and those supporting the togetherness of Nigerian.

What do you make of this post?
Was Nnamdi Kanu right to insult Nigerians?
What is Sheikh's path exactly?

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