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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Witch Doctor And Yahoo Boys Caught Bathing Naked Early Morning In The Middle Of The Road - Video

Witch Doctor And Yahoo Boys Caught Bathing Naked Early Morning In The Middle Of The Road - Video

This Yahoo Boys and witch doctor stories has been trending from different states, now Abia State is having her share of the trend. Something nobody, I mean normal people would never do.

The trend of ritualists and traditional cleansings is becoming way too much these days, people no longer give a dime care about who is seeing them, what others would day nor how it would affect their intergrity. All they care about now is making money in whatsoever way possible.

It is barely a week after one prophet Onyeze Jesus posted a video online where he was performing rituals in the river with some naked members, the members were all naked and in the river with him, he made some incantations and spread some notes of fifty naira mints on them, they were ansering in some strange languages also.

He spread the money on them and in the river and they all stood up stack naked, it was strange until he released another video where he was performing another ritual with white goats, mirror and his members all tying white wrappers round their waist.

The trend of so many other strange happenings around the Eastern part of Nigeria and now another video of suspected Yahoo boys is making rounds on social media, they also came out in the public to perform some rituals with a ln herbalist.

Many people would say an herbalists simply means a healer who used herbs, well what I mean by an herbalist is a witch doctor who wears red wrapper and all sorts of beads.

The boys were out on the road bathing naked and after they had taken their bathe their on the major road, the witch doctor who was dressed in their usual red wrapper and beads came out and performed some rituals in them before they went back into the car with the buckets and everything they used to bathe.

The strange thing is that, this happened on the major road in Abia State, the road was already very busy in the early hours and the boys cake out to bathe, what exactly can some humans not do for money?

This was way too extreme and only God knows what they have done in the secret, they might have done far worse things than this.

I cannot explain everything in the video, so let me allow you to watch it for yourself. Check out some screenshots from the scene before watching the video;

The video was taken from a distant away so the images are not as clear as they are in the video, watch the video below to get the full gist of the matter.

No one would watch the video and not think that they are Yahoo boys or ritualists, not even one. Everything they did and the way they did it proofs that they are diabolical and meant no good at all.

They came with a nice car, brought the water out of the boot of the car, in buckets and had their bathe not minding who was watching, they waited for the witch doctor who performed some rituals on then and then they went bank to the car.

What is happening, why is the rituals becoming too much, now more than ever it's in the open. Use the comment box to state your take on this and please share this article for ladies to see and beware.

Help secure the ladies by hitting the share button to get this article to them. They should watch the video and beware.

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