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Sunday, September 6, 2020

BBNaija Latest Gist: See What Kiddwaya Advised Ozo To Do To Nengi Before They Both Leave The House

BBNaija Latest Gist: See What Kiddwaya Advised Ozo To Do To Nengi Before They Both Leave The House

The Big Brother Naija Show has become a major trend among the youths and young adults, many watch the show for fun while others watch the show for the sake of their favorite housemates.

Big Brother Naija show, especially this season (season five) has been teaching youths and young adults lots of relationship matters, from liking someone to living with them, from interacting with a total stranger to being able to live with them.

Characters and perseverance has been a major point in the show, how they interact and tolerate one another for the sake of peaceful coexistence. Fights could get them evicted or disqualified, so they just learn to tolerate and live with one another.

Kiddwaya has been a major topic among other housemates, especially because of his lifestyle in and outside the house. Kidd has been a very free spirited person among the housemates.

His relationship with Erica has made him trend even more, many have rumoured that their relationship is just a flirting spree and would be over once they leave the house.

After many fights (or should I say quarrel) with Erica, Kiddwaya and Erica are still very much together and also go about their normal flirting activities in the house. Following each other to every corner of the house.

Few minutes ago, while Kiddwaya and Ozo were talking about his (Ozo's) relationship with Nengi, Kiddwaya advised Ozo to ask Nengi out before they leave the house. He said that he believes there would be many distractions when she leaves the house and that may tamper with their being together.

According to Kiddwaya, Ozo have to make the move now that they are both in the house to help him know his stand, so he would not follow Nengi till the end of the show for nothing sake.

Kiddwaya want Ozo to know his stand now and also to know Nengi's intentions now, as the outside would not be too favorable for him to make his move.

Few minutes ago, Kiddwaya said;

"I believe Nengi would have many things to distract her once she gets out of the house, many men, chores and responsibilities to carry on. There would be no time for you to actually talk or ask her out.

"Talking to her now saves you much more, you get to know your stand and her intentions towards you. You should not keep waiting without knowing her actual intentions."

Kiddwaya's advice as usual, caused a chain of reactions on social media, many said Ozo should not listen to Kiddwaya's advice while others insists that's exactly what Ozo needed to do.

Outside the house, it would be a great competition for him, but now in the house, he is the only one Nengi would agree for.

What's your take on this epic advice Kiddwaya is offering to Ozo, should Ozo take the advice?

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