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Monday, August 17, 2020

TB Joshua Heals Man From 36-Years (Thirty-Six) Of Bed Wetting [Video]

TB Joshua Heals Man From Thirty-Six-Years (36-Years) Of Bed Wetting | Video

Controversial Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua shares a video of how he delivered a matured man from 36-years of bed wetting.

According to the man, he has been with the problem for as long as he was out to bed. He stated that, to him, bed wetting was worse than poverty.

Taking it to their official Facebook page, TB Joshua shared the video today, with this words;
Mr Timothy suffered in shame for thirty-six painful years - but one encounter with Jesus Christ through the prayers of Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV changed EVERYTHING...

Be inspired and encouraged in your faith as you watch this incredible testimony from a young man who was supernaturally set free from the spirit of bedwetting! Remember, distance is NOT a barrier to the move of the Holy Spirit! 

"Someone needs your testimony to help them to get out of their desperate setback." - TB Joshua

TB Joshua has been performing lots of miracles from the beginning of his ministry, especially with his water of which people buy to use.

Although many Nigerians still doubt his authenticity, he keeps performing more and more miracles.

Here is the video of the man that was healed of 36-years of bed wetting;


Pastor Who Prayed For The Death Of TB Joshua Runs To Him For Help

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