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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

See Advice She Got After She Said Her Husband Asked Her To Choose Between Marriage And Social Media

See Advice She Got After She Said Her Husband Asked Her To Choose Between Marriage And Social Media

In Africa and especially in Nigeria, the husband has upper hand than the wife, he pays the bride price, rent or build a house for the family, work evwveyday to feed the family and also controls the overall affairs of the family.
While other countries also do this, the men do not have complete control over the wife, to the wife still gets her way, she makes her own decisions and do whatever pleases her, so long it does not go against her marriage vows.

Now asking a wife to leave the social media space is a big one, a husband asking his wife to leave the social media space shows a sign of either jealousy us untrustworthiness, and that is very bad for any marriage or relationship. If one partner begins to question the trust of another, the relationship begins to sink.
A lady came to a popular face book group and tabled her issue, her issue is as simple as, 'my husband asked me to leave social media or leave his house' in other words she is to choose between, social media and their marriage.

Before you comment on this, what do you think gave the husband the audacity or mindset of asking his wife to quite social media, note also that he is not specific, he generalized his decision, social media means even WhatsApp.
Here are some advice she got from concerned Nigerians on Facebook;

Let me advice her
My sister, please listen to my Biblical Advice. Nobody will give you this advice as I am giving u now. YOUR FUTIRE LIES IN FACEBOOK AND OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS. Facebook , Messenger, WhatsApp etc is your destiny. Read your Bible and you will see it there. King David became king because of Facebook. Solomon used WhatsApp to rule Israel with wisdom. Pls follow the Bible and leave your husband's house you hear? 'shebi u want yeye na....make I yeye follow u... mtszcheeewww.'

"Trust me, A lot are happening on the social media. If not for the things we benrfit from it like informations and marketing. its not to be encouraged for married people. social media does more harm than good

"That is family matter so is between you and your husband to know the best choice to made, in this reason pls woman pay attention to your husband as the head of the house, thank you that's my contribution 4u, have a precious time byeeeeee.

"To me the husband is very right yes. You have to quite to dance to his music first. With understanding you may still come back. Unless if you have hiding agenda. Face your husband for now. Remain blessed

His reason(s) could be genuine, how many times food burnt, how many times she forgot to carry children from school, how many times she could notice his presence when he entered the room, how many times he wants to enter "za ada room" and she asked him to wait until she finish chatting? Or did she post have naked without his permission?"

Here are more advicw on screenshots,

nd it goes on and on.
There is no perfect advice than the one you give yourself. It is your choice, you either decide to stay or leave.

What's your advice for her?

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