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Saturday, July 4, 2020

TB Joshua Performs Another Unbelievable Miracle WIth Broken Bones

TB Joshua Performs Another Unbelievable Miracle with Broken Bones - A Must Watch

Prophet TB Joshua, a controversial Nigerian televangelist, preacher and prophet, popular for his predictions and many miracles he performs in his church and through online services.

TB Joshua was recently involved in the prediction of the pandemic that has kept the world quiet for a few months now, his predictions about God humbling the earth was confirmed by some top American leaders.
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The prophet, few hours ago shared a heart touching video of how God used him to generate bones from an accident victim whose bones were completely broken.
He shared on his official Facebook page, in his words;

If you don't believe in miracles, this is a video you simply MUST watch...
A sole survivor of a deadly bus accident pulled up to The SCOAN laying in a vehicle, unable to walk due to a fracture in his left leg, not to mention the other bones in his ribs and waist that were also broken. At just 35 years of age, Mr Kingsley Agiriga laid helplessly in the passenger seat; medical practitioners had done all they possibly could. His only hope was God. What happened next defied all odds! Watch and see the awesome power of God at work as Mr Kingsley's bones came back together, in Jesus name, at the prayer of Prophet TB Joshua!
Watch the miracle and how it happened here;

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