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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Adams Oshiomole Going Down in History as The Undertaker of APC

Adams Oshiomole Going Down in History as The Undertaker of APC


Adams Oshiomole in the nearest future may be remembered or regarded as the undertaker of the All Progressive Congress, APC, this is what Chief Oyegun has predicted of him owing to the current Adams Oshiomole vs Godwin Obaseki saga in Edo state APC.
The current APC saga in Edo state which has led to the disqualification of the current governor of the state, Godwin Obaseki from contesting in the party’s primaries for the 2020 Edo state gubernatorial election which is quickly closing in.
Reacting to the recent disqualification, the former national chairman of the All Progressive Congress said that the move by the party’s panel was a hatchet job, done with no sense of professionalism.
Chief Oyegun who spoke through his public affairs adviser, Chief Murphy Ray said that Obaseki is innocent, but Adams Oshiomole is very much guilty of anti-party. He said that the way Adams is handling things in the party is very unprofessional and unconstitutional.
Chief Oyegun warned that the disqualification be reversed immediately else the ALL Progressive Congress, APC in Edo state would suffer a dire consequence. He added that democracy had been killed and totally neglected by the leadership of the party, especially with the recent move to disqualify Godwin Obaseki.
Chief John Oyegun stated: “The disqualification of Obaseki by the APC screening panel is a hatchet job aimed at installing a stooge that will allow some people unfettered access to Edo Treasury.
“While not a surprise, that disqualification is clear indication that internal democracy has been murdered in APC, a party which we founded on the principles of fairplay and good conscience!
“I daresay that APC will suffer dire consequences in Edo state if this disqualification is not speedily reversed.
I hope that Oshiomole will not go down in history as the undertaker of APC.”

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