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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

MTN Free 4GB Reward Plus 25% 4G Bonus for 3 Months

If the 4G LTE coverage is available in the city you are living in Nigeria and you still do not use the 4G network, then you have not experienced the swift power of browsing. Nigeria is about to move out completely from 3G to 4G network world since the 4 major networks in Nigeria (MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9Mobile) are already offering the 4G internet network to their customers, efforts are ongoing to spread the 4G coverage to all cities and states in Nigeria.

Each of the NG networks is given out amazing data bonus to users who purchase their 4G SIM or those who swap to the 4G LTE network SIM, which is the means to cajole everyone to purchase their 4G SIM.

Airtel is still offering free 4GB Data and 25% Bonus on Data Plans for users who purchase an Airtel SIM or for those who swap to the 4G LTE network SIM. 9Mobile is still given free 30GB data when you buy their 4G LTE MiFi. All Glo new 4G sim will get Yakata bonus once the line activated. Glo Yakata rewards customers with amazing data and voice benefits every time they recharge their Glo lines.

You will remember that MTN Nigeria said that they have made their 4G LTE service available for all states in Nigeria. Following the acquisition of Visafone by MTN earlier in 2016. MTN 4G LTE is now available in all states and to use MTN 4G network, you must be using a compatible phone and must have swapped your sim for MTN 4G sim card or purchase MTN new 4G sim card.While you Upgrade MTN sim to 4G LTE Service, you need no special data plan, your current data plan can still serve and you will accordingly be charged based on that. Truth be told here, The 4G internet service is not readily available at all locations in the country yet, current coverage locations are published on

Just like the Airtel offer of 4GB data bonus on 4G SIM. MTN has an offer designed to encourage their customers to upgrade to its 4G network. The offer comes with a massive 4GB + 25% data bonus on all data plans purchased for 3 months. It is not a new offer, MTN 4GB Data Reward on 4G sim has been in existence since 2016, but most of MTN users are yet to aware of it while some are just getting MTN 4G coverage in their area, so the post is to remind us about the offer.

When you upgrade your 3G SIM to a 4G SIM on the MTN platform, you get a bonus 4GB data and additional 25% data bonus, when you subscribe to any data bundle. These benefits are open to new 4G customers for a period of 3 months. The offer is also open to exiting MTN customers who are already on the 4G network. But for them to enjoy the offer, they need to opt-in to the offer by sending “LTE” to 131.

Do you Have 4G/LTE Coverage in your Town or City?

  • If you're not in a 4G/LTE Network coverage area, then it's a total waste of time continuing with any of the steps below because the free data only work on 4G/LTE network.
  • To check if your City has coverage, visit this MTN Nigeria 4G coverage locator and enter the name of your City or State to see the Red and yellow Areas on the map.
  • The usual 2G and 3G networks do not work with the 4GB Bonus
The next step is to check if your MTN sim card is 4G enabled. Do this by sending 4G to 131. You will receive a message about your SIM 4G/LTE ready status.

Is your SIM Card and Mobile device / Modem 4G/LTE compatible?

To Activate 4G/LTE on your MTN LineFor those with compatible smartphones with MTN 4G network, kindly visit any nearest MTN office and get yourself an MTN 4G Sim Card or swap your old sim.

How to Check Free MTN 4GB LTE Bonus DataNo matter the tariff plan or mobile device you use. If you dial *559*444# you'll see the message


Your 4G/LTE FREE Data balance is 4096.01MB...
If there is MTN 4G LTE coverage in your area and you are enjoying it or not. Please share your experience in the comments section below.

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