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Monday, August 20, 2018

You Can Now Get Replacement of Your GTBank Debit Card Instantly

GTBank is one of the most popular banks in Nigeria, they are operating in the mindset of customer satisfaction, this bank has been operating in Nigeria since 17 January 1990, and they have gained the heart of so many Nigerians with their good service and loyalty.

As a way to serve customers even better, Guaranty Trust Bank (Nigeria) Limited has acquired the technology to issue personalized debit cards instantly in its offices upon receipt of customers’ requests.

Before now, customers requesting for new cards or for replacements had to wait for about two weeks to receive the card. However, with this service, customers can walk out of the bank with their personalized MasterCard anytime within the Bank’s working hours. The card would then have to be activated upon collection for immediate use.

With this latest technology, customers of the bank can get their MasterCard issued or replaced instantly, with personal details ready for immediate use once the request is received and all other conditions are fulfilled.

Is your GTBank Naira MasterCard missing, stolen or damaged or you just need a new card? You can get your new card INSTANTLY!

How can I get Replacement of GTBank Naira MasterCard INSTANTLY?
  • Simply walk into any nearest GTBank branches
  • Request for a replacement debit card
  • complete a request form and you will get a new card in minutes!


  • Speed and Convenience: You no longer have to wait for 3 – 5 working days to get your card. Now you can get your personalized debit card instantly in GTBank branches nationwide.
  • The three – year (3) validity of your newly issued instant card commences from the day you collect the card.
  • Enhanced Security: Your new GTBank Naira MasterCard is compliant with all necessary security requirements.

The move to acquire the technology to issue cards instantly, aside the provision of further convenience is also in a bid to cater for emergency situations where customers may find themselves in need of cards urgently for one transaction or the other.

NB: The cost of new ATM card remain the same for this both situation this means the charges are all the same for new and replacement of the debit card.

What is the Cost of GTBank Debit Card in Nigeria?
The total cost for GTBank Debit Card is N1,050 Naira.
The card will cost you N1000 and N50 will also be deducted for Value-Added Tax (VAT).
This means you must have at least N1100 in your GTBAnk account before applying for replacement or new GTBank Debit Card.

GTBank also put on to notice that they would, however, be discontinuing the transfer of cards between branches, from the 1st of September 2018. This means that cards that have already been produced and delivered to a particular branch can no longer be transferred to another branch for pick up.

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