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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Nigerian Prostitutes And Illegal Immigrants Get A Human Angel, Taribo West Saved Their Lives In Italy

Nigerian Prostitutes And Illegal Immigrants Get A Human Angel, Taribo West Saved Their Lives In Italy



Doing well is good business and doing good is also God’s business. There is so much joy in being at a capacity to help a fellow human being in need, even so to help a fellow country man outside the country. An angel in human form, Taribo West.

The story of Taribo West, Nigerian’s former football star who played as a defender in his football days, he resigned from his football career and answered the call to the cross, he is the president and founder of the The Storm Miracle Ministries of All Nations.

He explained to the Punch News in an interview how he used his influence and church to help Nigerians in Italy in their trying times, according to him, they were homeless prostitutes and illegal immigrants living in the streets of Milan, Italy.

He said God spoke to him to use all of his resources and influence to help them, and that was exactly what he did, he said some were helped to get loans and legal businesses, some have houses and cars already and they are still in touch with every one of them.

Speaking with the Punch News, Taribo West said;

“I used my church while I was in Milan to help the homeless and Nigerians who were taken to Italy all in the name of prostitution,” Taribo, famed for his colorful and weird hairstyles during his playing days, told The PUNCH.

“God told us to use whatever we generated from our personal income to upgrade the standard and living of the less-privilege, especially those that the society had written off because living in Europe is not easy, it’s like a land of economic refugees.

“We had a lot of immigrants coming in almost every day to the church; most of them didn’t have places to stay, some didn’t have documents to assimilate them into the society.”

“What we did was after delivering them, we gave them a place to stay and from there we looked for jobs for them and we helped them procure documents as well.  It was very tough on me, because I spent a lot of money. But it was historical in the Italian nation.

“It’s not like Africa, especially Nigeria, where laws don’t work. There (Italy), you have to go through a legal process, which will justify if everything is correct, then I paid taxes, so I could get everything; my personality also helped. So, we did so much to give a lot of people life.”

“But the system here (Nigeria) doesn’t work that way. Over there, you can work with the system and get a loan. So, they got loans, some bought cars and houses and they became free. I still keep in touch with a lot of these people that were saved and redeemed.”

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  1. You did a great job Taribo,such gems are very rare to find nowadays & God shall continually bless you for that!Bravo Brother!


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