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Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Story of Daniel Abraham Against Pastor Paul Enenche Of Dunamis International Gospel Center

The Story of Daniel Abraham Against Pastor Paul Enenche Of Dunamis International Gospel Center

A former pastor with the famous church, Dunamis International Gospel Center, Pastor Abraham Daniel is accusing the senior pastor and general overseer, Pastor Paul Enenche for the disaster he is facing and has faced so far.

According to the story of Daniel, he was trying to help church members and Christians develop without having to spend much, but this resulted into a problem as the senior pastor of the church, Pastor Paul Enenche stopped him from executing a free school plan.

Daniel stated that he went on to encourage Christians and pastors online to help their members grow, by providing many things they may be needing and not just collecting from them, he also spoke about members celebrating and praising their pastors instead of the savior of the world, Jesus.

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Pastor Daniel Abraham stated that he had lost interest in the church once the senior pastor refused him to help members by providing a free school for them in his branch, he wrote a resignation letter to the church and left the church.

According to his story, Pastor Paul Enenche called and insulted him for leaving the church. He also added that his wife was used to pester him to return back to the church after he had started his own ministry, he said he returned after much family drama from his wife.

Daniel said that he could not continue in the church, so he left again but this time, he was arrested and detained for a period of time, a period when he lost his family, that is, his wife and five children.

Daniel said, “I was ordained as a pastor in 2010. In 2014, I was posted to New Karu as the residence pastor.

“While I was there, we started a school. I wanted a school that would be almost free for church members but an instruction came from the headquarters that I should not run the school freely, so I had to stop the whole plan.

“I wrote on my Facebook post telling churches in Nigeria to encourage members’ development and also help members.

“I also wrote that Christians now celebrate pastors instead of focusing on Jesus and the teachings of the Bible.

“I later lost interest in the church, wrote a letter of resignation, it was accepted and I left.

“The pastor (Eneche) called me and was insulting me because I left the church. He sent his pastors to start calling my wife to pester me to return to the church.

“This put my family in disarray as my wife pestered me until I closed the ministry and ensured I returned to Dunamis Church.

“I left again then suddenly things went rogue.

“A number called me that he needed my Uber service and we met unknowingly to me that they were police.

“They took me to Karu Police Station saying that they arrested me because of what I wrote against Pastor Eneche.”

 “I was detained from Friday until Monday and when they noticed that the DPO of New Karu Police Station was not cooperating with them, they took me from there to Kubwa Area Command. 

“They pressed the DPO to charge me to court, was remanded at Suleja Prison and after I was bailed, I went to beg him to withdraw the matter. Again, at another court hearing, they lied to the judge that I was still writing about the church and the judge ordered that I should be returned to prison.

“I spent three weeks at Suleja Prison before I was eventually released. While I was in prison, I lost my job and my family, and was released during the Coronavirus lockdown with nothing to fend for myself.”

Although have stated that the story of Daniel was fabricated to bring about the downfall of the man of God, Pastor Paul Enenche is yet to make a statement on the matter. Many said that Paul Enenche would never force a member to stay in the church let alone a pastor.

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