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Monday, June 29, 2020

Pastor Who Prayed for The Death of TB Joshua Runs to Him for Help - See Video

Pastor Who Prayed for The Death of TB Joshua Runs to Him for Help Video - WATCH CONFESSION VIDEO

A pastor who identified himself as, Pastor Chidi Daniel, a minister with Grace of God Mission Church Onitsha in Anambra state ran to TB Joshua during Monday Live Prophetic Service.

He explained how he was directed by his superiors to preach against the prophet and his ministry. According to him, they believe he was the anti-Christ.

They said many stories about the prophet which he now knows are untrue, he said they preached also about TB Joshua getting his powers from the marine world, which is why he uses water for healing and miracles.

The pastor had lost his wife and children while preaching against the prophet, he did not realize he was doing the wrong thing until he got married again but she ran away with no reason, back to her family.

He stated that his life, health and ministry have been suffering rave setbacks and he was yet to realize his blasphemous message against TB Joshua until a pastor and his cousin told him he had sinned against a man of God.

A summary of his confession, in his words;

“I am Pastor Chidi Daniel, a pastor with Grace of God Mission in Onitsha, Anambra state. Based on the information given to us by our superiors, those I highly esteemed, I was ruined. That was the position, I was the music and crusade director. I go about saying all what they told us o say, we even went as far as saying pastor TB Joshua sleeps with snakes. In crusade grounds and evangelism.”

“I went about telling people not to go to SCOAN, I said it is the church of Satan, from where no good thing come. I never knew I was ruining my life; I lost my wife to cancer and my children to accident. I married another but she could not stay, she left me.”

He also expressed that he only believed he was wrong when everything about him was going down, he said he knew he had wronged a man of God and therefore he ran to him for forgiveness.

“It was when everything about me, including my health and ministry was dying off that some pastors and my cousin advised me to go for confession, they said I have wronged a man of God. When I watched Emmanuel Tv for myself, I knew I had to come for confession”.

Watch His Confession Here;


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